Catalog Secrets (Clothing and Big Wigs)

Hey guys, sorry for this late post. Alright so here they are.


Clothing Catalog:


Click on the yellow puffle on the colors page (the first one) to get the Viking Helmets. First the red one pops up, then open it and close it 4 times to buy the blue one.



Click on the nose of the yellow penguin with the Sunset Dress for the Mixed Bracelets.



Click on the acoustic guitar for the Jade Necklace.



Big Wigs:


Click on the Blue Spikester (Mohawk) for the Spikette.



There’s one new backround, and 3 old ones. The new one is a leaf backround, I like it it looks cool:).


The Stage is under construction, I’m not sure what they’re planning to do there. A lot of penguins like to put on their painting overalls (look in the catalog for more details, it took over the “Penguins at Work” section) and paint against the wall.

Thanks to Watex, there’s a new Soccer Pitch postcard you can send. Not sure how long there going to keep the postcard there, since the Soccer Pitch is only going to be placed instead of the Ice Rink temporarily.




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