Soccer Pitch is STILL Here?

Hey guys, I was just reading Watex’s site today, when I saw his new post about the Soccer Pitch. He says it might be staying forever. I agree with him on this. The sports event was around a month ago, and they STILL haven’t brought back the Ice Rink. I’m thinking it could stay. Who’s with me on this? Leave a comment.

I’m in the upper right in the stands. 🙂



  1. Yes you could use the Night Club post@

  2. MADHURI said

    send more cheats and glitches on club penguin!

  3. Blitz7 said

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  4. Corvette 360 said

    it would be a big blow to us if it stays 😦

  5. Blitz7 said

    Because I don’t like people doing it! It’s copy righted to! I work hard on my work and I wouldn’t want people stealing it.

  6. Blitz7 said

    Still no.

  7. turquiose488 said

    hey legomaniac in my opinion i actually like the soccer field better than the ice rink. But thats just my opinion.

    Legomaniac: Hmm….I think that the Ice Rink is the best. It’s awesome 🙂 Thansk for commenting. You got your site up yet?

  8. turquiose488 said

    in my opinion i like the soccer field better than the ice rink. but thats just my opinion.

  9. shawn1202 said

    and a link to my site plz

  10. clubpenguincliff said

    I think it will be staying too!

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