New Clothing Catalog Cheats! (and other news)

There’s a new catalog out, plus new backrounds, plus a chance to win a Limited Edition Viking Helmet Penguin, which will all be in this post! Keep reading!

Click here to enter for a chance to win a Limited Edition penguin. Yay!

Click on the Jack-O-Lantern for the Red Viking Helmet (which is always in every catalog).

Open and close it 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

The Gold Viking Helmet is back! In case you don’t know, this one isn’t in catalogs that much. Get the Blue Viking Helmet first, and then click on the yellow puffle on the colors page.

To get the black superhero mask, go to the page with the ghost and skeleton suit. Click on the torch.

Click on the Lighthouse on the 6th page for the black scuba mask.

Click on the pink flipper on the shelf in the shoes page for the Mixed Bracelets.

Click on the Spikester Cuff for the Jade Necklace.

Yay! New Sneak Peek Plushies!

Secret hidden alien!

New Backrounds! The lightning one is new and the other 3 are repeats.

News I forgot to tell you about!:

Some evidence explaining that there is going to be a new mission next week!:

In the Newspaper, find the Crossword Puzzle. In the lower right corner find the 3 letters “PSA”.

Secret message from G!


Pictures not from me, from Watex and Snow Dobby (although some are from me).


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