Haven’t Been On in a While, All Info Since I’ve Been Gone

Hey guys. I wasn’t gone, but just busy with homework, YouTube, and drum lessons. I just got signed up, it’s so fun.

As you guys might know, Watex got suspended. Watch my video about it by clicking here. It’s sad, but he does have a new site. Watch my video to see the site. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Igloo Catalog Secrets

Pics from Snow Dobby

Click on the globe on the student desk for the chalkboard.

Click on the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.

Click on the fire part of the Pizza Oven for the Stainless Steel Fridge.


Convention Celebration

Look here for the convention! Sweet!

Rockhopper’s Here!

It’s about time! The free item he’s giving is the Eye Patch….again…

Oh well, still, cool stuff! Mak esure to check my Rockhopper Tracker in the Sidebar to see when he’s coming.




Nintendo DS Penguin Elite Force Details

It’s coming out on November 11th, and see more details about it here. Yay! They made a cover for it!

New Game in Dance Club!

Yes, there is! It’s kind of like a simon says type thing, a memory game. Go play it!

How to Make Your Penguin Name One Number

FULL CREDIT TO  http://penguincheatscp.com 

I have found a cheat to make a penguin with only 1 character, or no name. Follow the steps below to make a cool penguin name.


Coming soom, I have a dentist appointment.Once approved, your penguin may have no name, or a number as a name.


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  1. shawn1202 said

    where is the new game?

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