New Pin + New Release Date for Penguin Elite Force + Ninjas? + New Hat

New pin! Remember, you can always check my sidebar pin widget for pins too, visit the site to know when and what they are.

Back to the new pin, it is located upstairs dance club (Dance Lounge) and is on the table.

Everyone’s been asking why it’s so laggy at this party. There are a bunch of lights to make it slow. To make Club Penguin faster during parties, follow my cheat that’s in my Cheat’s and Glitches page:

Non-Lag Club Penguin – If you like going in full servers, but you hate the lag, then just press the +/= sign (next to backspace) on your keyboard while you are playing Club Penguin. The lag will stop. And it also makes everything look weird.

It works, it’ s helped me.

Bad News! : Club Penguins DS Game: Elite Penguin Force, is now scheduled November 25th now. Bummer.

New Weekly Poll for me:


Thanks Snow Dobby: Also, if you visit it shows a version of the Uh-oh page but with black background and dark grey letters (which are the most common ninja colors). Lots of clues that ninjas will return to club penguin have been released lately, such as the shadow at the Lighthouse, the picture at the Ski Lodge, the Club Penguin commercial on Disney Channel with the ninja picture in the backround, and others.

This message appears if you type in:

See how I put something random after the slash? See, this is what the usual message looks like if you type in a page that Club Penguin doesn’t have:

See that? Big difference…

It looks like a storm is coming! Look through the binoculars at the Cove. Look at the storm!

Storm Clouds Appear in Club Penguin

(thanks Beztar for the pics).


Yay! New 3rd Anniversary Party Hat! It is located in the Coffee Shop. Click on the button on the fan, the cake will fall down, and then the hats will appear.

The Picture looks weird because I used the non-laggish version.

See the party hats?

Also, click on the badges that say “Unlock Free Items Online!” You need a book, or a code to get free stuff. They ask you for words or the code, and then I guess it gets added to your account. I want a book…

Check out the Portugese version too, all the names say “Penguin__________” if you signed up in the English version. People who signed up in that version will have their own username. Everything’s in different languages, it’s pretty awesome.

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