I saw Wwe Adam + Dojo + New Map!! + My New Video!

Hey pengs! My new video, Burnin’ Up is a go!::::::

Click here to watch it! Remember the first 30 seconds are off, but the rest is perfect.

Look at this screenshot! I was at the town, and look! Then I went to the Dojo because I followed him (shh)






(click to enlarge)

It was fun, except he didn’t add me, but he was talking to me. He changed into awesome outfits and rare clothes!

There is a new Dojo, they are giving away free mining hats. Wear nothing but the hat, and then dance, then you’ll be drilling! People like to drill on the IceBerg. It’s not new, but…different.


This is the Dojo Exterior.


Notice this guy shoveling through:


Maybe he has something to do with the ninjas? Or maybe G?

Look at the NEW map! A lot of changes.




  1. Salem201 said

    in the pic with WWE Adam, i see Limeboy11 too.. hes “well known” lol.
    the “??????” guy is weird, i think he kinda looks like one of those ninja trainers! =D

  2. rhinoguy said

    hi legomaniac96

  3. Hey nice site keep it up!
    ~Fish Alot

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