I’m Back! + Watex is Done! + WHITE PUFFLE! + New Pin + Check Out My YouTube!

Hey guys….lots of stuff today. This is old news, but the newest to announce. Look at the title above, all this will be in order of what the title says. Alright, let’s start:

I’m Back!

As you’ve noticed, I made a post. I’m back. Read the post below for more info. I’ll try to edit more, if I have time. I play drums, have a bunch of homework, and I’m in a club at school where you plan dances and all that stuff, so I’ve been busy lately.

Next, Watex is done. Read his new site, Club Penguin Tools, (click there), and it says it all. It is because he can’t catch up with everything he did on his old site, the stats are too low. This is the exact post:

Hey guys,

I’ve checked my stats and it’s just too hard to work up from scratch again. I’ve put in more hours than probably anyone in the whole Club Penguin world’s put in and all I’ve gotten out of it is the enjoyment of it and all the amazing penguins I’ve met. It’s been an amazing journey and Club Penguin’s gotten better and better since. Although, people will slowly start to forget who Fever or Watex ever was, thank you devoted fans who’ve kept with me all these years.



Over and out. Feel free to look around the site and see what it is. I’ve gotten most of the posts I’ve ever made (although pictures have been removed) as well as some of the Pages I’ve made.

He made it sound so dramatic….it’s Club Penguin…a game, right? But, we’re all going to miss him. I bet he still might be on his YouTube. Click here to see his videos. I’m not sure if he still is going to make vids though.

White Puffle

There is a WHITE PUFFLE available for sale! Unfortunately, it’s members only. Sorry for all you guys out there. Become a member for a lot more fun! Anyway, here is it’s facts:

Attitude: Gentle, strong

Favorite Toy: Skate

Cool Fact: Can turn anything to ice with breath

They re-did the whole catalog…look at the white puffle’s page:


(tell me if you guys like the big pics; if not, I’ll make them smaller)

Big difference, huh? Check it out.

The puffles overall have been re-done. Now, if you buy puffle supplies, they actually play with it. They sleep in the igloos, play with the scratching posts, run on the wheel, sleep in the bed…anything. Pretty cool.

New Pin

The new pin is an O’ Berry, located at the iceberg:


Check Out My YouTube!

Hey guys! Check out my YouTube! Click here. Since you visited my site, you’ll me the first to know what my next two videos are. Viva la Vida – Coldplay is next, I’m halfway done. And then I’m probably going to make a “Best of Holzy09” Rock Band video. Those are fun to watch and and make.

Thanks for reading this, bye!

Waddle on pengs,


  1. hpluvr97 said

    yay! youre back! thanks lego!

  2. hpluvr97 said

    Can you please post again? The medieval party started yesterday with a new play catalog and pin to boot.

  3. hpluvr97 said

    can you please update? There is a jungle party because when RH left he left all his plants and they took over the island. There is also a jungle scavenger hunt and you get a jungle background at the end. the free item is a safari hat and you can find it at the plaza. the pin is a safari hat and is located in the book room. new catalog. fairy fable returned to the stage. the club penguin guys started the 101 days of fun thing in the news paper. the new thing for CP cheat site every where is updating on twitter. I can’t think of anything else that is happening latly but ill let you know if i think of anything.

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