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Halloween Party Secrets + Ninjas for Real! + Find G!

Happy Halloween everyone! This post is coming from Halloween night! Yes, I am going trick-or-treating tonight, I’m going to be a jailbird! Hopefully I get a lot of candy…What are you going to be (or already been) for Halloween? To celebrate, comment, and then you’ll be in my next YouTube video for best costume.

Back to the CP party, there is no eclipse, but there is a storm! More details on ninjas at this party later in post. Now let’s start looking for candy!

The first thing you need to start looking for candy is a candy basket! Go to the Snow Forts to get one. It’s free, and there’s a big box of them.

Right after that, if you’re a member, you can enter a secret room! Just go to the upstairs Coffee Shop (Book Room) and click on the green candle. Go in!

This is where you can get the free item! It’s a lantern! This is the room that G is in. It’s just like Rockhopper or the Penguin Band, he switches servers, but he’s always in the same room.

Let’s find some candy now that you’re all set!

There’s 8 of them, and if you want to find them on your own, don’t read this. You can get hints by clicking on the pumpkin at the top right of your screen, and then click on each shaded one for tips.




The first one is hidden at the Snow Forts. Just raise the blue flag and, it will come.

2nd candy: go to the Dance Lounge and click on the lamp. a Candy Corn will come.

Go to the Lodge Attic and click on the blue box for the lollipop.

For the next one, go to the Plaza and click on the cauldron.

Go the Cove, and click on the sign that says, “CAUTION. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK” for the next candy.

For the 6th candy, go to the Iceberg. Click on the green part of the sky, and a constellation with show up.

Go to the Beacon and wait for 3 thunders (highlight that word if you can’t see it, it says “thunders”. I wanted it to be yellow :). to strike. The candy will appear in the pumpkin.

The last candy is in the Book Room. Put your mouse over the book on top of the library.

Congrats! You’ve finished!

You will now get a Giant Pumpkin Backround. Just click on “Claim Prize”.

Now back to ninjas:

Instead of an eclipse, there is a storm happening this year. Lightning will strike every now again. But, sometimes a big lightning will strike that makes your screen turn white. If you’re at the dojo, you will see strange figures appear.

They are Ninjas.

There has been so many clues lately that ninjas will return!

Go to the Lighthouse to see Night of the Living Sled 2!

Thanks to Snow Dobby for this cool animation! ::::

The igloo contest winners are announced in the newspaper! Nice igloo decorating guys!

Waddle on!

P.S. Look at my YouTube channel here. I’m in the middle of making CPMV’s. Posts on it coming soon!

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Penguin Times #158 Secrets + Times Square Party

Look what happens when you solve the word search. Because of the Halloween theme, look:


No secret jokes or riddles today.


Hopefully you guys all got to get to the Club Penguin party.


Did any of you guys actually go to the real Club Penguin party in Times Square? Comment and tell me if you did! Tell me all of the info, I want to see what happened.

Check out my cheats and glitches page, it got updated. Just scroll all the way up, and look to the top right. It should say “pages”. Click on Cheats and Glitches. Message if you have questions.


Waddle on, penguins!

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Yay! Club Penguin Trading Cards!

Nice work, Club Penguin.

Now you can bring Club Penguin pn-the-go, again. Just like Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Release date: November 25th.


Waddle on, penguins!






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New Pin + New Release Date for Penguin Elite Force + Ninjas? + New Hat

New pin! Remember, you can always check my sidebar pin widget for pins too, visit the site to know when and what they are.

Back to the new pin, it is located upstairs dance club (Dance Lounge) and is on the table.

Everyone’s been asking why it’s so laggy at this party. There are a bunch of lights to make it slow. To make Club Penguin faster during parties, follow my cheat that’s in my Cheat’s and Glitches page:

Non-Lag Club Penguin – If you like going in full servers, but you hate the lag, then just press the +/= sign (next to backspace) on your keyboard while you are playing Club Penguin. The lag will stop. And it also makes everything look weird.

It works, it’ s helped me.

Bad News! : Club Penguins DS Game: Elite Penguin Force, is now scheduled November 25th now. Bummer.

New Weekly Poll for me:


Thanks Snow Dobby: Also, if you visit it shows a version of the Uh-oh page but with black background and dark grey letters (which are the most common ninja colors). Lots of clues that ninjas will return to club penguin have been released lately, such as the shadow at the Lighthouse, the picture at the Ski Lodge, the Club Penguin commercial on Disney Channel with the ninja picture in the backround, and others.

This message appears if you type in:

See how I put something random after the slash? See, this is what the usual message looks like if you type in a page that Club Penguin doesn’t have:

See that? Big difference…

It looks like a storm is coming! Look through the binoculars at the Cove. Look at the storm!

Storm Clouds Appear in Club Penguin

(thanks Beztar for the pics).


Yay! New 3rd Anniversary Party Hat! It is located in the Coffee Shop. Click on the button on the fan, the cake will fall down, and then the hats will appear.

The Picture looks weird because I used the non-laggish version.

See the party hats?

Also, click on the badges that say “Unlock Free Items Online!” You need a book, or a code to get free stuff. They ask you for words or the code, and then I guess it gets added to your account. I want a book…

Check out the Portugese version too, all the names say “Penguin__________” if you signed up in the English version. People who signed up in that version will have their own username. Everything’s in different languages, it’s pretty awesome.

Make sure to comment!

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New Weekly Poll!

Make sure you vote and comment. Here it is.

For igloo and clothing catalog secrets (plus other stuff), scroll down.

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Weekly Poll

From now on, I will be posting a new poll each week. Check my sidebar for Widgets, it also might be there. Let start out with this:

Also, look at this awesomely awesome widget I found:

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