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Hey guys, it’s been a long journey, but I am cancelling by blog. No, I am not copying Watex….I am done because my membership expired. Plus, I barely play Club Penguin anymore, which explains why I haven’t been posting. You guys can look around the site for cheats and such, but I will not be editing or posting…unless I’m super bored. Sure I’ll check it every once in a while but not daily like I used to. So I’m not COMPLETELY done, but close. Check out my YouTube channel if you want to get in touch with me:

I will make CPMV’s occasionally.

Thanks for all your support, but I especially want to thank hpluver97 for being active on my blog all the time. You rock!

So, YouTube me, or email me at . I check my email and YouTube daily. Thanks guys!


P.S. Of course, if my blog is in demand to come back, I will. It probably won’t happen, since my blog doesn’t have much viewers. So if at least 5 people request it, sure I’ll go back on. See ya!


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I’m Back! + Watex is Done! + WHITE PUFFLE! + New Pin + Check Out My YouTube!

Hey guys….lots of stuff today. This is old news, but the newest to announce. Look at the title above, all this will be in order of what the title says. Alright, let’s start:

I’m Back!

As you’ve noticed, I made a post. I’m back. Read the post below for more info. I’ll try to edit more, if I have time. I play drums, have a bunch of homework, and I’m in a club at school where you plan dances and all that stuff, so I’ve been busy lately.

Next, Watex is done. Read his new site, Club Penguin Tools, (click there), and it says it all. It is because he can’t catch up with everything he did on his old site, the stats are too low. This is the exact post:

Hey guys,

I’ve checked my stats and it’s just too hard to work up from scratch again. I’ve put in more hours than probably anyone in the whole Club Penguin world’s put in and all I’ve gotten out of it is the enjoyment of it and all the amazing penguins I’ve met. It’s been an amazing journey and Club Penguin’s gotten better and better since. Although, people will slowly start to forget who Fever or Watex ever was, thank you devoted fans who’ve kept with me all these years.



Over and out. Feel free to look around the site and see what it is. I’ve gotten most of the posts I’ve ever made (although pictures have been removed) as well as some of the Pages I’ve made.

He made it sound so dramatic….it’s Club Penguin…a game, right? But, we’re all going to miss him. I bet he still might be on his YouTube. Click here to see his videos. I’m not sure if he still is going to make vids though.

White Puffle

There is a WHITE PUFFLE available for sale! Unfortunately, it’s members only. Sorry for all you guys out there. Become a member for a lot more fun! Anyway, here is it’s facts:

Attitude: Gentle, strong

Favorite Toy: Skate

Cool Fact: Can turn anything to ice with breath

They re-did the whole catalog…look at the white puffle’s page:


(tell me if you guys like the big pics; if not, I’ll make them smaller)

Big difference, huh? Check it out.

The puffles overall have been re-done. Now, if you buy puffle supplies, they actually play with it. They sleep in the igloos, play with the scratching posts, run on the wheel, sleep in the bed…anything. Pretty cool.

New Pin

The new pin is an O’ Berry, located at the iceberg:


Check Out My YouTube!

Hey guys! Check out my YouTube! Click here. Since you visited my site, you’ll me the first to know what my next two videos are. Viva la Vida – Coldplay is next, I’m halfway done. And then I’m probably going to make a “Best of Holzy09” Rock Band video. Those are fun to watch and and make.

Thanks for reading this, bye!

Waddle on pengs,

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I’m Back! (Hopefully!)

Hey guys, I know it’s been forever. With the new school year, more homework, all this stuff…everything has been crazy. I will try to get back to posting more secrets, cheats, and glitches. Sorry for the inconvenience everybody. Thanks. Waddle on!

– Lego

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Coins For Change + Christmas Party and Free Items! + New Pin + Rockhopper’s Here! + Furniture and Costume Catalog Secrets + Newspaper #165 Secrets

Hey pengs! Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had a computer for about 5 days. I got a new one, it’s an HP, but not a Touch. It has a WebCam and stuff, it’s awesome.

Coins for Change

Coins for Change is here! There is another one at the Plaza. This is one at the Beach:


Click here to learn what Coins for Change it all about. Basically, there are three causes: Kids who are poor and cannot go to school, kids who are sick, and kids without parents or hurt by war. Last year, December 2007, we donated 1 million dollars to each cause. And no, you don’t have to pay anything. You donate your virtual coins to help. Come on, spare 50, 250, or even 500 coins to help these kids in need.

Donate to these causes:


It’s the least you can do for them.

Free Items

The only free items this year are bells. They are at the same places as Coins For Change booths;in the Plaza and at the Beach. Hint: Put only the bells on your penguin, and wave. You will actually ring the bell!

This is at the Plaza.


New Pin

The new pin is at the Pet Shop, it is a Snow Fort. Look at the arrow to the right of the blue box to see it.



Rockhopper has arrived! Go to the Beach and hop on his ship, the Migrator!


There is also a CFC (Coins for Change) in the Migrator! Click on the ladder to go up into the Crows Nest. Look up there! You get to shoot a cannon, plus it is decorated as a snowman!


Here are the items RH brought this time. For non-members there is a Red Sailors Hat, a Coins For Change Banner, a globe, and a Green Parrot. Last time, Rockhopper brough the Red Parrot.


Go into the Captains Quarters. Look in my Cheats and Glitches page to see how to get the Key to go in. Play Treasure Hunt in there to earn fast coins.

Click here for hints and tips on how to find Rockhopper!

Furniture Catalog Secrets

Go to your igloo and open up the “Better Igloos Dec-Jan” Catalog.


This catalog is awesome! The first couple pages you can build your own Snow Fort! Fits in great with the Christmas party. Check it:


Anyway, the catalog secrets. 🙂 Click on the holly on the Christmas Collection page for the Leaning Tree, 250 coins.


Click on the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat. This costs 75 coins.


Stage Catalog Secrets

Go to the Stage. The play is “The Case of the Golden Puffle” again.

Play around with the Switchbox 3000 to add some cool effects to the stage!


The only cheat is, on the first page, click on the Golden Puffle for the Crook and Flail. This costs 300 coins.


(Sorry, forgot to crop that. Click to enlarge.)

Newspaper #165 Secrets

This week’s game is a crossword puzzle that has words having to do with Coins for Change. This seriously took about 2 minutes. It’s easy. Here’s what happens:


Check out my YouTube account, click here. I just made a new video, Dirty Little Secret – All-American Rejects. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks!


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Clothing Catalog Secrets + Secret Message in Newspaper + UNLIMITED LOGIN GLITCH! + Coins For Change + More Books + NINJAS + New Dojo!!! + CP Trading Cards + My New Video

Hey guys, wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Sorry about that.

Look how many things we got goign on! Very exciting! All this info will be in the order it is in for the title.

First let’s look at the clothing catalog secrets! Go to the Gift Shop:

Clothing Catalog Secrets

On the first page, click on the white snowflake for the Pink Pom Pom Toque, which costs 200 coins.


Click on the tree on the second page to get the Russian hat. This costs 600 coins.


Click on the pink star to get the black superhero mask. This costs 100 coins. The price went down on this a bit.


Click on the “N” on the Show Clearance page to get the Black Scuba Mask!


Click on the “N” in Clearance which is 6 pages after the previous secret. This unlocks the Mixed Bracelets. They cost 150. Get them before they expire, the soon won’t be in the next catalog!


1 page after that, click on the other “N” in clearance to get the Jade Necklace.



There are also 2 new player card backrounds, 2 are repeats. Be sure to buy them for 60 coins each!


Big Wigs Catalog Secrets:

The Big Wigs catalog will now be part of the Penguin Style catalog starting January 2009. this is Big Wig’s last issue. We’ll miss you, Big Wigs! Look around what is in red spraypaint to see. CLICK TO ENLARGE.


Click on the blue mohawk (Spikster) to get the pink mohawk, the spikette.


(whoops sorry, forgot to crop it. Haha, yup I have Windows Vista. I’m using my brothers’ computer for this post, not sure why. lol) Click to enlarge it.

Secret Message in Newspaper!

In the Newspaper, go to the page that says “Dojo Damaged”. Click on N, I, N, J, and A in order in the title. A special message will appear…

Click here to see the message.

Unlimited Login Glitch

Heres a cheat to log in as many times as you want!

1. Make sure you have no penguins saved to your computer

2. Open two Internet windows and go to on both of them

3. Go to the window that says “Multiple Connections Detected”

4. Click on the Disney logo then press Enter twice and then click “Okay”

5. You can now log in as more than one penguin my simply repeating the process.

(All my penguins)

Cheat found by Jc4×4

Pretty cool!

Coins for Change is Returning!

Awesome! Last year, one million dollars was donated into hwlping kids in need. That is so cool. Make sure you donate this year, all you have to do is donate virtual coins! Even 50 coins will help kids in need. Thanks guys, plus, if you vote, you get an award! I have one too!

Starting December 12th, you’ll have a chance to donate the coins you earn playing games in Club Penguin to three causes that will help make a difference in the world!


New Books

Andreasmich just founded this. If anyone posts that on his site, give me full credit. I am the only person posting this now, because i founded it myself.

Club Penguin is going to sell a lot of new things! Here is an example:

But it’s not only that. There are a lot more to come.

The three books above, will be released on the 16th of April 2009.

There are also some more books, but there isn’t any picture for them, yet. But, i have their names:

  • Club Penguin: Snow Blast!
  • Club Penguin: Little Library

These two, are will be released on the 7th of May.

  • Club Penguin: Stuck on Puffles
  • Club Penguin: Waddle lot of laughs

These two had to be released a few days ago, but I am not very sure about them.

Note: Copying anything from this post, without giving a credit to is illegal. I found this myself, none told me or searched in other sites.


Ninjas ARE Returning

Go to Town and press the N from Night Club and one ninja will appear:


Wait 30 seconds at the Plaza and a ninja will appear.

Use the newspaper cheat I told you, a secret message will show up.

The commerical on Disney Channel with the ninjas in the backround.

Go to HQ and wait 5 minutes and you will see this:

You can see one at the Ski Hill, too!


Go in Dojo and press the space near to your messages and one ninja will appear:


Go to Ski Lodge and wait 5 minutes and you will see a ninja:


Go to Light House and wait 5 minutes and you will see a ninja:


Go to the Gift Shop and wait for 5 minutes. You will see a ninja running VERY fast between the clothes. It’s very difficult to take a picture of him.


And, a bunch more other things. Man, this is wild. Ninjas have to return.

The Dojo is finally done!

Yes! Check out the new Dojo, it looks awesome!

Look at it:


If you go inside, wait 5 minutes, and the gong comes out. Then, you try and chuck snowballs at it.

Go out to the courtyard to get the Geta Sandals.


That’s pretty much it to the new dojo, except Ninja training is coming November 17th.






Don’t forget!

Last thing, is my new video. Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade. Also, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid – Offspring.

Thanks guys, stay tuned.

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I saw Wwe Adam + Dojo + New Map!! + My New Video!

Hey pengs! My new video, Burnin’ Up is a go!::::::

Click here to watch it! Remember the first 30 seconds are off, but the rest is perfect.

Look at this screenshot! I was at the town, and look! Then I went to the Dojo because I followed him (shh)






(click to enlarge)

It was fun, except he didn’t add me, but he was talking to me. He changed into awesome outfits and rare clothes!

There is a new Dojo, they are giving away free mining hats. Wear nothing but the hat, and then dance, then you’ll be drilling! People like to drill on the IceBerg. It’s not new, but…different.


This is the Dojo Exterior.


Notice this guy shoveling through:


Maybe he has something to do with the ninjas? Or maybe G?

Look at the NEW map! A lot of changes.


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