Finding Rockhopper

Rockhopper is a penguin that is sometimes a bot, but sometimes real. It depends on the time of day. If you meet him, you will get your own backround, along with an eyepatch.  (Never mind, not anymore).

Haha, Finding Rockhopper, Finding Nemo, get it? Lol.

Recently Spotted In: Offline

Ok, so, Finding Rockhopper (lol). Something that every penguin wants to accomplish, but can’t. Suprisingly, I’ve only seen Rockhopper once, and it was accidental. I was just talking to my friend, asking him to come to the Migrator to play Treasure Hunt. He wasn’t paying attention, so I went anyway. There he was, talking with about 6 other penguins. Good times.

Most of the time finding him is accidental. You’ll never know when you’re going to run into him. So basically, just play Club Penguin while Rockhopper is around, and who knows, you might meet him.  Follow these steps in finding him.

1. Check Crowded Worlds. He’s almost always in crowded worlds, sometimes in empty ones.

2. Check busy rooms Such as the Town, his ship, the Beach, the Cove, or the Plaza. He wouldn’t be at places like the Mountain, which can only hold about 20 penguins until it gets full.

3. Listen to other penguins. Yes, sometimes they can be fibbing. But who knows, they can (can) be telling the truth! If someone says, “Rockhopper’s at the Cove, I just saw him!”. Check the Cove just to make sure. Beware: Sometimes penguins just do this to get you out of their way when they are trying to find him. Rooms in crowded worlds get full pretty quick, and they want to get in, fast.

4. Look for Rockhopper Trackers. Yes, they do work. Go on Google and type in, “Rockhopper Tracker”. Tons of sites will come up. People comment on if they’ve seen Rockhopper, and post it there. They sometimes don’t work, but you mine as well give it a shot. They tell which server, and what room, and what time he’s last been spotted. Or, just remember this site ( and just look right here: ->. I have a tracker right on my sidebar.

Those are basically all it takes. I know, it’s not easy. Everyone says it is but I personally don’t think so. I could just be looking at the wrong things at the wrong time…

You will know you’ve seen Rockhopper when you see a Red Penguin, taller than the average penguin. He will always be surrounded with red other penguins. There is usually an angry mob following and crowded around players. Look for lots of speech bubbles. People scream when they see Rockhopper, and talk a little too much.

Good luck and Happy Rockhopper Hunting! If you need help, just leave me a comment and then check back, I’ll reply within the next day.

This is what the Rockhopper backround looks like:



  1. hpluvr97 said

    COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! i SOOO want to find him!!

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