How to Get on top of the Night Club Cheat!

Have you ever seen those guys on top of the night club? Yea, well here’s how to do it! I don’t think this works with plain ol’ Windows PCs. At least not on mine, but it could work for you! If it doesn’t work, don’t blame me, blame your computer. 🙂 Attention!: Shawn1202 wrote this. So go to his site here.

1. Login to Club Penguin, it could be any server.

2. Go to the town.

3. Stand right behind the first brown box in front of the Gift Shop.

4. Zoom in 100%. (I think you do this by right-clicking, Zoom. If you have a Mac, sorry, I’m not sure what to do. Leave a comment and I’ll look into it).

5. Keep scrolling around and find the spot where the night club is. Also find the little white spot.

6. Click on the Night Club.

7. Zoom out 100%.

Congrats! You are on the Night Club. Other people can see this.


Danger: People always crowd around you when you do this! Beware for a lot of speech bubbles and moving around!



  1. Pretty cool!

  2. shawn1202 said

    nice page…lol

  3. hpluvr97 said

    i cant zoom in when im on cp. i can all else tho

  4. hpluvr97 said


  5. Socerdude131 said

    i cant zoom

  6. boolded said

    whooooooooowa 2010

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