How to Never Lose Coins

How to Never Lose Coins on Club Penguin

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Have you ever wanted to be permanently rich on Club Penguin? Well here’s how!


  1. Make sure you are on phone line connection or wi-fi! You do this by plugging the phone cord in to your computer and using AT&T to dial up or connecting to the wireless network.
  2. Log on to Club Penguin. Decide what you want to buy, and make the amount of coins that the most expensive item costs.
  3. Buy as much stuff as you can with your money.
  4. Go to the town and start dancing.
  5. Without closing your club penguin window, unplug the phone cord from your computer or turn your wireless receiver off/disable it. Wait a while and a little window will pop up and say Disconnected.
  6. At this point, plug the phone cord back in and dial up again or connect to the wireless. DO NOT close the Club Penguin window.
  7. Click ‘log off’ on Club Penguin.
  8. Log back on.
  9. You will have the stuff you bought, but you will still have all your coins!



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    thats hard to read and you might miss a step trying.

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