Secret Agent Answers.

Here are the secret agent answers. As you all now, Secret Agents are special penguins with a Spy Phone, which makes it easier for transportation and to do secret missions. You get prizes for doing these secret missions, and a secret HQ (Headquarters).In the HQ, there are TV screens with a path to all rooms, including a secret catalog, and tips. Here you go:

1. Pick one quality that you think you have:
In Charge

2.Pick the right reason to be a penguin moderater:
Throwing snowballs at you
Not being your buddy
Being mean or rude√

3.What would you do if you saw them breaking the rules?
Yell at them
Report them√
Throw snowballs at them

4.What type of infomation should be reported?
Saying thier country
Saying boy or
Saying thier address√

5. Pick 1 reason why you want to be a secret agent:
My friends are secret agents
I want a spy phone
I want to keep club penguin safe√

6. Pick another reason why you want to be a secret agent:
I’ve always wanted to be a spy
I want to help other penguins√
I want to hang-out in the HQ


The ones with checks are the answers.


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  1. hpluvr97 said

    i AM all that….just not #1! (im more like in charge!) p.s. just so you know on wiki how my screen name is lizzy.

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