Weird Things are Going On…



Are ninjas real? It seems wierd that they appear in CP and still havent been used in any way. They were very popular in Penguin Chat 3, and just were gone.

But, it appears ninjas mith be coming true soon! Here is some evidence by rsnail himself!



There is a slim chance this was a hack, but this was announced on the CPIP servers. It would have been very hard to hack because the mods even announced they would be on that day at the same time this happened!



Gad this creeps me out. Isnt the moose staring directly at the ninja, almost guarding it? It appears to know something we dont, like something about ninjas? Is he like the keeper of the secret? i guess we will probably never really know why that moose looks so creepy and suspicious.


I’ve noticed that CP messed up on the outside image of the pet shop. Here is proof:

(Taken during St Patrick’s Day Party)


1. Inside of the Pet Shop, it has two doors. What happened to the second?

2. Not only does that window not exist inside of the Pet Shop, but the sign “Puffles” appears no where inside either!

Look at the inside:


CP needs to redo the outside of the Pet Shop!


subtlethings3d.png(from burgers rule)

Have you ever noticed that if you are wearing the 3-D glasses and you dance, the red and the blue wil switch places on a few of the dance steps. No one else seems to notice!



We all love Astro Barrier, but once again CP messed up on the outside art(or game art). Have a look at the game screen and I’ll show you.


If you noticed, the position of the buttons switched! The buttons movd from right to left and the trigger moved from left to right! Wierd, huh?


This is probably the second (1st is ninja mystery) most mysterious thing I’ve noticed. Have a look:


Look at the top of the mountain. What is that building? It looks to be another lodge, but the only thing on top of the mountain is the pole:


No building, only a pole? Is this a future building, or a mistake by Club Penguin?


Hey BR i’ve found another weird pic. If you look closley behind the town there is other buildings we dont see in the town! Are they secret rooms or maybe future rooms? Hmm, I dunno!


Look inside of the bottle. Can you honest to goodness tell me what that thing is? I always thought is was the Snowcat in the original Penguin Chat, but I don’t know! Maybe it will be important someday (New room, mission, Snowcat game, I dunno).

Note: They talk about this in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game. You get to drive the tractor looking thing around.


Another one by Ed324:

Check out this picture:

Wierd how many rooms CP messes up that way.


Well, as you saw in #8, there is a Mysterious Building on the Ski Hill. Here is a pic:


But, I was looking at CP very carefully, and saw that the SAME BUILDING is visible from the Iceburg! Look:

I bet that building has some kind of secret importance! I cant wait to find out!


Hey it’s Fluffycatfan here and I found this strange thing. Ridge Run is used for many funny pictures such as penguins falling off or holding onto the edge but no one ever thought that you ride sleds on that but there is no place to ride down on! It’s just a cliff! Take a look for yourself:



  1. Please leave comments if you have anything else to say, I will give you full credit.

  2. shawn1202 said

    at the snowforts you see a scorwboard from the soccer pitch/ice rink right well there is no scoreboard in the room!

  3. shawn1202 said

    and at the stage only one door in it and two on the outside?

  4. Socerdude131 said

    wow i never thought of these things

  5. johnnpikachu said

    The black puffle in the catalog! It shows it on a skateboard when in the puffle catalog, but i never accually RIDES one! Isnt that weird? And ninjas are real. I swear they are. The dojo during halloween ’08, the shadows, weird marks on some buildings like the pet shop (footprints at the top below the metal part of the sign;Possibly (ninja;lol) puffle tracks) and all the weird things CP sends you when you email them about ninjas? Im 89% (yes, 89%) sure that you can be a ninja, we just dont know how. Comment back and enter the contest on my site! 🙂

    Legomaniac says: Well, the black puffle does actually ride a skateboard. You just have to get all his bars full, then play with him.

  6. Gifjf1 said

    on the last one if you played game the past few years there was a platform you fell of of to get on the path way.

  7. hpluvr97 said

    startin nov 17 we CAN CAN CAN be ninjas!!!

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