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Coins For Change + Christmas Party and Free Items! + New Pin + Rockhopper’s Here! + Furniture and Costume Catalog Secrets + Newspaper #165 Secrets

Hey pengs! Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had a computer for about 5 days. I got a new one, it’s an HP, but not a Touch. It has a WebCam and stuff, it’s awesome.

Coins for Change

Coins for Change is here! There is another one at the Plaza. This is one at the Beach:


Click here to learn what Coins for Change it all about. Basically, there are three causes: Kids who are poor and cannot go to school, kids who are sick, and kids without parents or hurt by war. Last year, December 2007, we donated 1 million dollars to each cause. And no, you don’t have to pay anything. You donate your virtual coins to help. Come on, spare 50, 250, or even 500 coins to help these kids in need.

Donate to these causes:


It’s the least you can do for them.

Free Items

The only free items this year are bells. They are at the same places as Coins For Change booths;in the Plaza and at the Beach. Hint: Put only the bells on your penguin, and wave. You will actually ring the bell!

This is at the Plaza.


New Pin

The new pin is at the Pet Shop, it is a Snow Fort. Look at the arrow to the right of the blue box to see it.



Rockhopper has arrived! Go to the Beach and hop on his ship, the Migrator!


There is also a CFC (Coins for Change) in the Migrator! Click on the ladder to go up into the Crows Nest. Look up there! You get to shoot a cannon, plus it is decorated as a snowman!


Here are the items RH brought this time. For non-members there is a Red Sailors Hat, a Coins For Change Banner, a globe, and a Green Parrot. Last time, Rockhopper brough the Red Parrot.


Go into the Captains Quarters. Look in my Cheats and Glitches page to see how to get the Key to go in. Play Treasure Hunt in there to earn fast coins.

Click here for hints and tips on how to find Rockhopper!

Furniture Catalog Secrets

Go to your igloo and open up the “Better Igloos Dec-Jan” Catalog.


This catalog is awesome! The first couple pages you can build your own Snow Fort! Fits in great with the Christmas party. Check it:


Anyway, the catalog secrets. 🙂 Click on the holly on the Christmas Collection page for the Leaning Tree, 250 coins.


Click on the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat. This costs 75 coins.


Stage Catalog Secrets

Go to the Stage. The play is “The Case of the Golden Puffle” again.

Play around with the Switchbox 3000 to add some cool effects to the stage!


The only cheat is, on the first page, click on the Golden Puffle for the Crook and Flail. This costs 300 coins.


(Sorry, forgot to crop that. Click to enlarge.)

Newspaper #165 Secrets

This week’s game is a crossword puzzle that has words having to do with Coins for Change. This seriously took about 2 minutes. It’s easy. Here’s what happens:


Check out my YouTube account, click here. I just made a new video, Dirty Little Secret – All-American Rejects. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks!



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