Cheats and Glitches!

All these videos that are YouTube vids, are all made by me. So feel free to subscribe or whatever. Press Ctrl-F to search for specific cheats. If there’s anything I don’t have, please leave a comment.

1. Big Bracelet– Go in the Book Room (upstairs Coffee Shop), and look in the library (don’t click on the book, actually walk up to the library). Click on the stairs. Find “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” (you must do this fast), and open it up quickly all the way to the last page. Click on the friendship bracelet. and leave the screen open when it asks you if you want it. Now it should redirect you to another room, with the giant friendship bracelet still in the way. If it doesn’t work, leave me a comment, I’ll help you out. Thanks to Rhinoguy.

2. Catchin’ Waves Cheat– Buy a Red Puffle, and take him for a walk. Bring him a long as you play Catchin’ Waves (surfing).

3. How to shoot snowballs super fast – Instead of just clicking the snowball icon, and moving your mouse all the wayup to your target, and then shooting, it’s easier to just press T and then shoot really fast (if it’s not working, then don’t type in the chatbox).

4. How to stand in the pathways in the Town – This means standing on the side that leads to the Dock, and the Snow Forts. Click on the side, just as if you are walking to the Dock. When your penguin is on the way, click on your mail (envelope in top left corner). Wait a few seconds, and then close it. You’ll be o the side! Watch people try and do it, while accidentally leading into the next room. Lots of penguins like to dance on the sides here.

5. How to stand on other penguins – Find a penguin you would like to stand on (I know that sounds weird). Once you do, put your mouse over them and hold the tab button on your keyboard (next to the “Q” key). Your cursor should turn into a regular arrow. Click on them.

6. Hockey Puck Glitch – Go to the ice rink and make sure the hockey puck isn’t moving. Hold tab and click on the puck. Click anywhere in the rink and the puck will follow with you.

7. Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing– Towards the end, when you see not much fish and debris, that means the big fish is coming. Make sure you have a fish on your line. Keep it there, until you see a new fish then you can trade it (catch it and put your fish away and then catch the next one, while still keeping it on the line. Only do this for more money, don’t if you’re a beginner). When you see the big fish (Mullet) in the backround, use my technique. His shadow will pass by a couple times, and then when you really see him, leave your fish in the middle right where his mouth is. You get +150 coins!

8. Dessert Pizzas on Pizzatron 3000 – Click on the lever in the bottom right corner and it will change to candy (dessert) pizzas.  Watch video here.

9. Silver Surfboard Secret – The silver surfboard is the best surfboard used for Catching Waves. To get it, go to the Sport Shop and look inside the catalog. Turn to the Surfboards page and click on the penguin holding the surfboard until it turns into a daisy surfboard. Then click on the starfish in the sand, then the shell! This costs 800 coins. Watch video here.

10. Sitting Forward – There are four directions to sit that you can choose from by pressing the penguin in the chatbar. But, you can also sit forward for sitting on chairs, couches etc. Just put your cursor in front of your penguin so that your penguin is facing you, and then press “S”. Make sure that your not typing into the chatbox!

11. Editing igloos – (I know that this cheat doesn’t work anymore, but let’s just take a trip down memory lane of old cheats and glitches, shall we? ~Legomaniac) Go to your igloo, and click on the tape measure. Click on your playercard and then access your spy phone (now the spy phone is on the side, but this was before the update). Go to the HQ. Now click on the map, and go to any of the members’ igloos and then move their stuff around! Note: Other players can’t see this (although I wish they could).

12. Negative Coins– Spend all of your coins until you only have 1 – 10 coins left. Then make sure you have a puffle, and buy pet food for them. It will say that you don’t have enough coins to buy it. Keep trying a few more times (2-3) and you should have a number in the negatives!

13. Non-Lag Club Penguin – If you like going in full servers, but you hate the lag, then just press the +/= sign (next to backspace) on your keyboard while you are playing Club Penguin. The lag will stop. And it also makes everything look weird. Watch video here.

14. Aqua Grabber Cheat –  Tap the left, right, up, or down arrows repeatedly and very fast and you’ll just as fast, without holding the key and without losing that much oxygen. ~Thanks Watex

15. Find Rockhopper Quicker – Rockhopper usually takes forever to find, and you need to log in out and quickly. Instead of using thistry using Miniclip’s CP to make it 5x faster to log in and out.

16. Skip Astro Barrier Levels – Press 1, 2, or 3 to go to level 10, 20, or 30 at the start menu. And at level 30, wait until you see a blue ship, shoot it. Bonus levels!

17. Aunt Arctic Wearing Shades – Open up your newspaper, and in the 2-3 pages that explain Aunt Arctic questions, hover your mouse over her sunglasses. Lookin’ good! Watch video here.

18. See all Buddies Online – It’s a pain going through all the servers to find what buddy you would like to hang out with. To see all your buddies on your buddy list online, go to a server with one of your friends on. As soon as you get to the Town, Ski Village etc., open up yor buddy list. All of your buddies will appear with the yellow smiley face by it, and then all the ones that are on different servers will disappear.

19. Take Care of Your Puffle While Your Not In Your Igloo – Click on your puffle. When its playercard pops up, click on the map and go anywhere. Your puffles’ playercard will still be there!

20. Bean Counters Perfect Employee – Unload all 5 trucks in Bean Counters for a 60 coin bonus. View picture by Watex.

21. Find Four Tie – A tie is really cool too see, but you don’t get any coins when you finish, Club Penguin still thinks you’re finishing the game. Just watch carefully for whatever you do. Picture coming soon.

22. Soccer Pitch Glitch – Once your in the soccer pitch, and the ball isn’t in the middle, like towards the net or something, leave. Come back in and the ball will be in the middle. Try and kick the ball somewhere else, it won’t budge! 

23. Messing With Igloo Items – Go to edit mode in your igloo, and then click o an item. Click the left-right arrow keys to move it, and if you press the up-down keys, well, who knows what will happen!

24. Puffle No Name – When you buy a puffle (get 800 coins), when you name it, press spacebar a few times and then enter.

25. See What Other Penguins Have Said When You’re Not Looking – After someone says something (you weren’t looking or you want to see what happened), click on that arrow at the top of your screen, it’s blue. You can drag it down too see more.

26. Blank Message – In the chatbar, press space once and then enter. It won’t show on the screen, so use the cheat above (#25) to look. It says your username, and then an empty space.

27. Tour Guide Answers – To become a Tour Guide, go to the Ski Village and apply at the Tours stand. You must be at least 40 days old. You get a free hat too. Read more details here.

28. Cuckoo Clock, Fred (no, not from YouTube) – Fred is the Cuckoo Clock, that comes out every half hour. See more info here.

29. Play All Games From the Fall Fair Anytime! – To play any game from the fall fair anytime, just click on one of these games to play: Grab & Spin, Ring the Bell, Memory Game, Puffle Shuffle, Feed-A-Puffle, Puffle Paddle, Balloon Pop (Members Only), Puffle Soaker (Members Only).

30. How to Find Rockhopper – It is everyone’s dream to find him; read this to learn more.

31. How to Get on Top of the Night Club! – It’s so cool watching those penguins dance on the Night Club. Click here to learn more.

32. Secret Agent Quiz Answers – Everyone wants to be a secret agent, click here to learn more.

33. Smileys! (This isn’t a glitch, but…) To post smileys on my site when you comment, just click here.

34. Rockhopper’s Key – Rockhopper’s key gets you into his secret cabin, where you can play a game called “Treasure Hunt” with other people! To get it, go in to the Library (upstairs Coffee Shop) and turn to the book Rockhopper’s Journal. Turn all the way to the back (last page), and get the key. It can also be used as a pin. Page coming soon.

35. Puffle Dance – Take your puffle out for a walk, and then dance. They dance with you! Depending on the color puffle, they’re all different with different dances.

36. Rainbow Bracelet – Turn to Rockhopper and the Stowaway, and at the end there is a rainbow bracelet. It’s a free item

37. See Rockhopper Through a Telescope – Do this to see if Rockhopper is coming of or leaving. Go to the Beacon (top of lighthouse) and look through the telescope! Also do the same thing to see penguins skiing, go to the Cove and look through those binoculars.

38. See all Catalog Secrets and Other News – Go to my main site!: Remember it, I update it daily with cheats and glitches!

39. See Rockhopper Through a Telescope – Go to the Beacon (top of the lighthouse) and look through the telescope! There’s different things there, it tells you if Rockhopper is coming or leaving. Also, go to the Cove and look through the binoculars. You can see people play Hydro-Hopper and other games. Thanks Hpluver97 for refreshing my memory 🙂




more coming soon.



  1. thanks legomaniac96!

  2. hpluvr97 said

    i tried #19 about the puffles player card and it did not work! whys that?

    Legomaniac: Hmm…worked for me. Was your playercard there when you went somewhere else?

  3. hpluvr97 said

    i dont know if this is new or not but i go to the top of the light house and click on the telescope and you can see thee sea AND i saw rockhoppers ship!

    Legomaniac: Yep, that is old. It’s not really a cheat or glitch, but I’ll post it anyway. Thanks.

  4. hpluvr97 said

    yes. card WAS there when i left

    Legomaniac96 says:Did you check back to see if it fed?

  5. hpluvr97 said

    thanks for putting the telescope up there!

    P.S. what server are you on most??

  6. hpluvr97 said

    i also tried #1 and ITdid not work either.

    Lego: Hmm….#1 definitely works. Make sure you did it fast. Keep trying. Ask me for anymore help.

  7. Nala said


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